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This comprehensive Victoria site presents useful information for homebuyers and sellers as well as links to great community information.

Please try our online Property Search and Evaluation services, and search the online MLS Victoria real estate listings as our guest. Relocating? We would be happy to send you school and community info in addition to the current homes for sale and property values. Just click here to use our handy relocation form!

This resource is updated regularly, and whether you are buying or selling properties, you will find knowledgeable help for future and current Victoria, BC area home owners.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome! Please visit often.

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David Philps

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An Important Note for Victoria Real Estate Buyers

Many times Victoria house hunters avoid using the services of a realty professional under the mistaken belief that it costs them money - or that they will be able to negotiate a better deal directly with the sellers or their representative. This can be an expensive mistake when purchasing a home. If you are negotiating directly with the sellers or their Broker, you may not be taking advantage of the best value available in the residential housing market today! You can have your own Buyers Agent, who is committed to using the experience gained through hundreds of successful Victoria real estate negotiations for your benefit at no charge to you!

The realty business is unique, where an agent on their first day and no sales gets paid the same as one with several years experience and hundreds of successful sales. A seasoned professional can help you avoid costly mistakes, find the best home value, and make your purchase or relocation enjoyable and stress-free.

When viewing properties for sale, it is important to know and understand for whom the person helping with the house hunting is actually working. They may be working as a sub agent - representing the seller's best interests during negotiations - or on your behalf representing your best interests during negotiations. If you are not sure who they are actually working for - ask for clarification. When negotiations commence, wouldn't you want to know whether information you divulge will be used for the seller's benefit - or yours?

The contract you sign to buy or sell a property is a complex and legally binding document. Sloppy paperwork can allow the purchaser or vendor to void the sale, or cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. Have a knowledgeable professional who knows the "ins and outs" fully explain the documents you are about to sign to you, or have your lawyer review it before acceptance.


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